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Re: What kind of Vegetable Yield to Expect Considering Ph Is

I think most of them take week to 10 days to hatch from newly laid eggs, but I have looked it up. The one in your photo is actually a butterfly BTW -- Cabbage White. They have velvety frosty green caterpillars that blend in well with cabbage and broccoli leaves, but typically they are along the edge of a hole they are making or the center rib of the leaf.

There are two types of moth larva that I get on my brassica -- cabbage looper and cross-striped cabbageworm. Cross-striped is by far the worst out of all three of them because the eggs are laid in a cluster of tiny yellow wax-like smear, then they all hatch at once and start munching at once. I agree they seem to prefer broccoli to cabbage (and sweeter kale like Dwarf Scotch to Red Russian). The moths fly and lay their eggs at night.

:arrow: HGIC 2203 Cabbage, Broccoli & Other Cole Crop Insect Pests : Extension : Clemson University : South Carolina ... c2203.html

BTW, I saw My snake yesterday, too. :-()

...yeah radish is harder because of the fuzzy/prickly leaves. But they don't like it much either, I think? I pick them off when they are big enough.

And the NEAT guy is a juice sucking leaf-hopper. Not too bad except sometimes they transmit diseases. Look for spittle bugs -- bubbles of spit-like hiding place on stems where their larvae hide.

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Re: What kind of Vegetable Yield to Expect Considering Ph Is

Is this a good idea? I found out late about planting tomatoes deep (or sideways which my cousin doesn't care for) where the hairs on the stem are. I cut out the bottoms of some plastic containers and figured I could add several inches of dirt to allow them to produce more roots.

Also, my icicle radish should be ready according to the harvest time guidelines however I pulled 3 of them and they were fairly small barely a garnish to my eel scallop and rice meal last night. Will more time help? Not sure if it's the warmth or the soil but they are only about two inches long on the thick part and some small parts beyond that.

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