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DILL Stem snapped

Just now my dill plant for its stem snapped by the wind not off but bent completely. I rigged up a stand type thing for it, but will it survive and what can I do?
The snap is a bit below what you initially see
The snap is a bit below what you initially see

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Re: Stem snapped

If the stem was only bent/kinked and not severed I think it will survive. Personally I plant dill seeds by the "small handful" inside a tomato cage. If one plant got damaged it wouldn't matter much. I do the same with coriander (cilantro but we only use the seed for cooking.)
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Re: Stem snapped

See how it goes, but if the top starts to wilt, give it up and harvest the top portion by cutting just above a leaf node. It should sprout new shoots from there.
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Re: DILL Stem snapped

It will likely survive. Next season plant a handful of dill seed!
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