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Should I thin my pole beans?

I planted about 15 beans at the base of my trellis, and they have been doing really good so far, however I just realized that apparently they should be spaced 3-4 inches apart, but they're all about 1 inch apart. I'd hate to have to kill some of them off! :cry:
But if it will help them later on then I'll do what I have to. What do you think?

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Re: Should I thin my pole beans?

I would weed some out to give the others room so they won't take up each other's nutrients if that makes any since? I say you could just move them without damaging them and just put them somewhere else but not so close together.

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Re: Should I thin my pole beans?

How wide is your trellis? You don't need 15 *pole* bean plants unless you really Really REALLY want beans anyway. I space them 4-6 inches apart and they will still turn into a jungle as they grow.

What variety pole beans? It sounds like they are just starting to grow?
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Re: Should I thin my pole beans?

You could transplant them, but like Applestar said, you really have to love your beans. I would thin them, but since beans only produce for about 6 weeks or so, I would start another batch on another trellis about a month afte the first one so you can get a continuous supply. If you have enough beans from one planting you can always proccess or freeze them.
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Re: Should I thin my pole beans?

I would let them grow. Have any bean poles? Push in a couple of bean poles each side of the trellis.
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