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spots on potato leaves

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I moved into my house last August. No one has lived here for 10 years, so I know there has been no vegetable garden planted anywhere on the property for a very long time, if ever. The first of March, I planted 25 red pontiac seed potatoes. We had a cool snap, and it has been between 65 and 70 degrees, and very damp with lots of rain the last three weeks. My potato plants were fine Saturday morning, and then, the next afternoon, I went out to water, and 2 of my potato plants (they are neighbors) have these spots on the leaves. They are not holes... just spots. Please tell me this isn't early blight. What is this???

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Re: spots on potato leaves

I could be wrong, but I think of those kinds of dark spots as septoria. Fungal disease. The weather conditions you have described tells me it's time to start spraying with preventives. I would use diluted milk with a bit of yogurt whey to start with.

Be sure you have your potatoes well mulched so no soil splashes up.
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Re: spots on potato leaves

It looks like early blight, use cooper spray and trim off the leaves or at least trim the worst of it and mulch it like Applestar said. Do it now before it gets too bad because even 1 day makes a difference.

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