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What is wrong with my veggies planters?

These plants are two weeks old in southern Missouri. Very minimal growth. These were planters bought at a quality nursery. My family bought plants the same day and their's are growing nicely.

I used the gardening by the foot soil mix (1 part compost, 1 part peat moss, 1 part vermiculite)

I am worrying I am under/over watering, but I have no idea which.

Here are some photos:

Tomatoes: we had to throw out a few plants because they look so bad.
This is a pic of the only one we didn't throw out. Doesn't look great. The other pic is of some planters we just bought to replace the thrown out ones.

Please help!

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I used the gardening by the foot soil mix (1 part compost, 1 part peat moss, 1 part vermiculite)
Amount of fertility in This mix is totally dependent on quality of the compost used. Did you mix compost from several different sources as recommended? Have you added any fertilizer?

I think that's the issue here.

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I agree!

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Another "I agree". I think I see cucumbers, melons, and/or squash, right? They are heavy feeders. I fertilize mine every two weeks, and they could probably stand every week or ten days. I water them pretty much every morning, unless there's rain in the forecast or it's been cooler and overcast.

Also, seedlings go through shock when they are transplanted. It's best to try to baby them: transplant them in the evening, preferably when the weather is going to be nice but not scorching hot, maybe even overcast for a while. I thoroughly expect my transplants to look like junk for at least a week before they start to bounce back.

Hang in there, they like the hot weather and with some food and water, they should start looking better.

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But the plants in your pictures look just fine to me!

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Be careful not to over water your plants. I would give them a starter fertilizer too. Compost is not going to give you much nutrients to start with, it takes time for it to release. You need to supplement with fertilizer.

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