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Colorado weather-nights are 35-48 a good right now

Hello! I started some peat pellets earth day weekend and all of them are thriving inside right now but I'm afraid to plant them because nightly Temps are still ranging between 35-48. I have radishes, carrots and lettuce growing just fine. In my peats I have cucumbers, pumpkin, corn, and more that need warm weather. I'm afraid if I don't get them in the ground they will die too. I don't know what to do? I know the soil is typically warmer than the air??

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Re: Colorado weather-nights are 35-48 a good right now

You'll just want to keep them from freezing, and from frost. The corn will do ok if it's hardened off, even with a light frost.

If it's do or die put them out, go ahead, but find a way to cover them for protection in case of frost. Make sure you watch the weather, too!

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