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Is it too late to plant shallots?

I planted shallots about 3 weeks ago and just now realized I may have planted them wrong. I buried them about 3 inches deep and covered them with soil, but I just discovered that they should be put much closer to the surface. Is it too late in the season to dig them up and replant them? Or should I let them just go?

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I think that I would be okay just leaving them but it depends on your soil and the shallot sets' viability.

If you wanted to hedge your bet, you might run down to the garden center and get a packet of shallot seed. I would also be comfortable sowing that in my garden location.

Although they are small plants, shallots are fairly tough. They can survive a winter after being set out in the fall (I don't do that) or planted in the spring. Harvest will be about the time as for garlic. Planted as seed, shallots will need the entire growing season, however.


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They will probably be OK, though you will probably have a late harvest, planting now. I always plant my shallots in fall, with my garlic, and harvest around July fourth, with six to eight shallots for each one planted. I have never gotten this from a spring planting, or starting from seeds, but different areas have different results.

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