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Hardening Off Questions

A quick question regarding hardening off plants....

I'm growing all my seedlings under grow lights right now. When I go to harden them off I was planning on introducing them to the wind by opening the shed door for extended periods of time for a few days, maybe even a week. Then bringing them into the shade for progressively longer periods of time. I was going to attempt to place the plants into the greenhouse when I start exposing them to the sun.... is this advisable or should I place them in the direct sunlight for progressively over a few days?

Or does it even matter if its the greenhouse or direct? Regardless I would build up their tolerance to the sunlight by extending the exposure to the sun a bit more each day. Sometime I over-think it! lol

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Hardening Off Questions

I start in the shade and dappled sun under the trees. Early morning direct sun is good too.

Greenhouse is sunnier than indoors with lights, but outside beyond greenhouse cover is stronger, too, with added free air movements and random wind.

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