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Carrots or grass?

This is the first year my mom and I are trying to grow our own vegetables instead of buying them, I am very inexperienced with this stuff looking for tips or tricks from anyone willing to help, below I have a few pictures showing what I'm talking about. In the container is a tomato plant and these little grass things are growing what do you guys think they are?

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Re: Carrots or grass?

ummm..... did you think you put a picture with this? no picture is showing.

Without that there's no way to guess, but welcome to the forum anyway! :)

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Re: Carrots or grass?

Also, you should update your profile to show your general location.

Just right off hand, if you didn't plant carrot seeds, they're likely just weeds.

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Re: Carrots or grass?

That grassy lookin stuff is weeds.

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