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Green beans/peas/carrots/potatoes

Since moving to far western upper north dakota, 1 hour from candian boarder, trying to get my bearings...

Any way.

Its been extremely nice and alot warmer then upper michigan where I came from.

Weather has been anywhere from 30s to low 70s.

Most important, lows have dipped once or twice maybe to 23-30s.

Im not planting corn yet.

Will I be safe with planting green beans,peas,carrots potatoes right now? Even if projected lows a few days from now dip to 28-32 degrees? Or should I wait 2 weeks since extended forecast isnt calling for anything below 32? Highs again are anywhere from 50-70s extended forecast

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Re: Green beans/peas/carrots/potatoes

Yes to everything but the beans. Plant those a couple weeks after last frost.
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Re: Green beans/peas/carrots/potatoes

Peas, carrots , good to go. Wait a week on the potatoes. Corn beans and squash perhaps about May 5 to June 1 depending on how the weather and soil conditions look. Cukes June 1.

Peas, carrot, radish, turnips, lettuce, have some frost resistance. Cukes and squash no frost resistance. If it freezes you lose them. Corn will often get nipped down by a frost but recuperate and send up new growth.

Here in this wild Utah climate, I have seen frost every month of the year, so you just have to pick a date that seems it may be warm enough to grow and plant. Maybe you will make it, maybe you won't, but for sure you won't if you don't plant?
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