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Happy carrot first timer

The carrots were ment to be baby carrots but instead I've pulled a variety of sizes to say the least I'm happy with the results thus far the others weren't quite ready yet I'm edger to see what else I pull on the next go round.....

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Re: Happy carrot first timer

are they a very slender variety? Otherwise, I think your carrots need to be thinned more. But now you are thinning-by-eating which is fine. :)

Congratulations! Lots of people write in here to report failures with carrots, but they have always worked for me.

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Re: Happy carrot first timer

Very nice! :D

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Re: Happy carrot first timer

I do the thinning by eating method for carrots hehe! They can grow very crowded if the just have enough water, and nutrients ofc, but the water is the main issue. Also planting tight helps shade the soil thus keeping water from evaporate.

Sweet harvest tender baby carrots are so nice! My carrots are still under ground as seeds, hoping they will sprout soon.

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Re: Happy carrot first timer

Way to go!

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