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Please Help Identify these vegetables? Thank you.

The small ones on the left have been coming up for years, they smell like onion and garlic.
The ones on the right- I planted green onions last year, just threw some seed around. This year there is a patch, varying stalk sizes. These, as you can see are the thick, blade of grass like stalks. Apparently I should have harvested these long ago? I cut one in half and they don't even have an onion smell any longer. I am new to this, have been harvesting the wild growing variety on the left. Suggestions on what to do with the small ones, and what are they called? And then any advice on the green onion harvesting? Thanks so much. I am getting pretty geeked about the spring planting, as this will be my most focused effort yet.

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Re: Identify

The small tall ones are probably scallions. (Recognized by their "fat" ends)

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Re: Identify

If the bigger ones smell like a combination of onion and garlic and they have a purplish tinge they might be shallotsl.

Chinese chives also taste like a combination of onion and garlic but they have white flowers, the leaves are flat and they usually grow in thick clumps.

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Re: Please Help Identify these vegetables? Thank you.

Could the larger bulbs be flowers. Daffodils maybe?

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Re: Please Help Identify these vegetables? Thank you.

Onion and garlic family will have corresponding smell no matter the size. Even tiny onion seedling roots, when broken off, smell like onions.

if the skinny ones don't have any smell, I'm wondering if they might be spring bulbs like grape hyacinth.

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Re: Please Help Identify these vegetables? Thank you.

If you don't smell an onion or garlic odor, it's not in the allium family. Even the flowering alliums have an oniony odor.

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