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Pumpkin plant that has a huge stem ( 3 inches ) and 4 flower

I have been growing pumpkin for a few years now but have never seen anything like this.
I have multiple plants growing all from seed I saved from last seasons crop but there is one plant that stands out.
This plant has a stem that is about a thick as my wrist and at each leaf branch where there is normally 1 flower there is 4 flowers growing.
Has any seen this before and is there a name for this ?

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Wow I haven't seen that kind of strange growth before. I do often see fused double squash blossoms when the flower stems have fused together but there are two blossoms, as well as when portion of the base of the blossoms is also fused.

I wonder this is a similar (mutation? genetic anomaly?) and these vines (or maybe a single vine with what should have been side branch vines) didn't grow into separate individual vines?

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing the pics. I have not seen this before.

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