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Ornamental plants with same watering needs as peppers?


New to the forum. I live in Oakland, CA. I have a bed that is great for peppers. It gets pretty hot in warmer months. I want to plants some flowers for pops of color in the same bed. What are some ornamental plants with the same watering needs as peppers? Was thinking of also doing tomatoes in the same bed.

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Re: Ornamental plants with same watering needs as peppers?

Marigolds, zinnias, or some herbs-dill, parsley

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Re: Ornamental plants with same watering needs as peppers?

basil, alyssum, cuphea, sage, thyme, beets, spinach, lettuce chives, carrots, chard, cilantro. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are in the same family so they can be grown together if you have the room. You can alternate rows of corn with rows of peppers.
Tall corn can provide shade for plants that don't like extreme heat and so you can create a microclimate to extend their season a little longer.
Rainbow chard and bulls blood beets have colorful foliage so you can get edible color too.

marigolds, sunflowers, borage, calendula, greek oregano,cilantro, queen Anne's lace (gets tall)

Plant fennel somewhere in a corner in the yard. It does not like company but it will act as a trap plant and when it blooms it attracts a lot of beneficial insects. Aphids will swarm the fennel, but if it is healthy it won't be affected. Ladybugs will lay their eggs on the fennel and the ladybug larvae (ugly purple and orange things only a ladybug would love) will voraciously feed on the aphids.

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