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Kale - cuttings?

I have 2 big Red Russian kales that have overwintered so far. They're pretty ugly but still producing top growth. I'm pondering what to do with them. Are they biennial or perennial? I could just let them go and sow new seeds, but would it work to take cuttings? Or could I rejuvenate the plants by cutting them down close to soil level. Would they regrow?
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Re: Kale - cuttings?

They are biennial and will eventually go to seed. Young ones can be cut down and they regrow smaller leaves. I never tried to cut down an older plant. Older plants don't always come back as vigorously.
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Re: Kale - cuttings?

I just let them grow. Here's a copy of a blurb I posted before about Red Russian Kale when they flower :
applestar wrote:...once it bolts and has less foliage, more stem, becomes mostly purple, then has yellow flowers on the maroon/mahogany tems. Gorgeous. (posted photos before)
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