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cow pop

a friend of mine gave me some aged cow pop i mixed some in my garden beds I still have some left in a bag if i let it set until next spring well it still be good to put into my flower and vegetable pots

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Re: cow pop

If the aged cow manure is at least 120 days old it should be o.k. If you have a compost pile it would be a better place to put it. Personally, I do not use manure in pots, it just has never worked. Vermicast works fine, but manure just did not allow anything to survive in pots.
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Re: cow pop

It will still be good for your garden next spring. As imafan noted, manure doesn't really work for pots very well. Too heavy, excludes air and holds moisture too much, packs down over time. A little bit mixed in with a lot of perlite and peat maybe...

And remember manure isn't fertilizer. It doesn't release its nutrients until it breaks down. That is fine in soil, which already has nutrients, so you are just keeping it replenished. In pots, you usually need some quicker acting nutrients.
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Re: cow pop

Manure is great for a garden plot where you can put it on in the fall and till it in. By spring the microbes have worked it over and released the nutrients. For pots, best to buy something in a bag.
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