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How do you trellis sugar pumpkins?

Does anybody trellis sugar pumpkins/ pie pumpkins? Next year I plan to trellis them but I need to know how to get them to grow vertically.

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Re: How do you trellis sugar pumpkins?

Here just north of you in SE Nebraska, by accident the sugar pies got trellised a few years ago. I use a cattle/hog panel, 4'X16', to trellis cucumbers. (maybe you need to be in the farm belt to know what a hog panel is...any farm store sells them.) There were some pumpkin vines I thought far enough away not to mix with my bush cucumbers that I train to go up the panel. Short story: the pumpkins grew over to the panel anyway and vined up and did very well for themselves. Now that is how the sugar pies get planted and trained vertically. Works for me. I use hog panels for blackberries, decorative squashes, small pumpkins and on the other side of the garden, cucumbers.

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Re: How do you trellis sugar pumpkins?

I plant mini pumpkins in an out of the way spot in the corner of my yard. It's near a chain link fence and they always grab on and climb it. The trellis you choose will definitely need to be sturdy. Cattle panels or wire mesh meant for reinforcing concrete would be great choices.


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Re: How do you trellis sugar pumpkins?

I go for the cattle panels. They are 16 feet long and 50 inches tall. Good heavy rods.

https://stockyardsupply.com/index.php/fe ... og-panels/

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