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How may pickings from Arugula?

An arugula question:

I just started growing lettuces and arugula. Do I pick individual leaves from the arugula and leave the plant? I noticed that the leaves start to change on older plants; they get thinner and wavy. Do you pull these plants up and plant new ones?


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Re: How may pickings from Arugula?

It depends more on the weather than anything. Plant at the wrong time and you may only get one picking before it bolts (flowers). At this time of year you should be able to get a few pickings.

Either use some of the outer leaves from several plants or clip an entire plant leaving an inch or so.

And yeah, arugula leaves vary in shape.


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Re: How may pickings from Arugula?

Arugula and spinach are of similar culture. You can plant then when it has nice sized leaves cut it all, or you can pick individual leaves and let the plant grow taking leaves as you need them. In either case there will be a point where it will no longer make good leaves for you.

I like to plant early in the Spring and then plant every three weeks up till late June when it gets hot. These crops do not do well in our hot summers. Then one can plant again about Sept first. You are in a different zone, likely you don't get the cold winters I do here. Have fun!

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