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Planted Swisschard In A Window Box!

Plant Swiss chard in a window box so I could prevent weeds from growing in it. So far they look healthy should be able to pick for a few months. Will put it in the porch if heavy rains.
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Re: Planted Swisschard In A Window Box!

You'll have to keep picking those chard leaves when very young on the plant since those boxes are so tightly packed with plants. Every chard I've ever grown tend to get huge leaves, but I plant mine in the ground and am not worried about space. I've had leaves get as big as both my hands put together and it is a great substitute for spinach in many dishes.

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Re: Planted Swisschard In A Window Box!

Nice idea, but I agree, swiss chard is a big plant and those are very tightly packed. I would thin them out.

When I saw your title, I was thinking an actual (installed) window box:

Image ... Kramer.jpg

I eventually want to get window boxes for my new house (once we can quit spending money for a while and catch up!).

I think rainbow chard would be beautiful in a window box!

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Re: Planted Swisschard In A Window Box!

I was surprised about the window box too. I have grown Swiss chard in the ground and they have up to a 3 inch diameter root and they can get 18"-24" tall. I usually only have 2 since they produce large leaves. Chard is a short lived perennial here and just keeps going and going,.
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