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Anyone with the same experience with Ground Cherries?


A garden friend of mine introduced me to ground cherries a few years back. Those sweet little devils were so freaking good, so I decided I would start some of my own. I regularly start my tomatoes and tomatillos from seed anyways, and since they are related to tomatillos, should be easy right?

I feel like I struggle with them, while everything else grows and blossoms. Every resource I read says treat them like a tomatillo. However, out of 10ish pods, maybe 2-3 bloom...and then they take forever to grow, and they only get about 1' tall...and produce a few cherries. The plant looks great itself, it is just tiny and slow growing. Meanwhile the same batch of tomatillos and tomatoes are thriving.

Anyone have any experience with these they would like to share? I'm not giving up yet!



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Re: Anyone with the same experience with Ground Cherries?

I've tried two years in a row planting from seed indoors around late Jan to early Feb. First year, not one year, I had one plant germinate, then about a week later I had a little critter living in my basement dig up and eat the plant.....only that plant....dint touch any of my tomatoes, peppers, or give up. I would look to buy starts online or at a gardening center. I give up on them.

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