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Can you harvest and eat immature garlic?

Can you harvest and eat immature garlic? You see, I planted garlic indoors back in March and it was growing very well. When I transplanted it, there were already little bulbs forming. This was my first year planting garlic and like an idiot, I planted it in front of the broccoli, which grew outrageously this year and totally covered up the garlic. I kind of forgot about the garlic and literally just remembered it the other day. So I lifted up all the broccoli leaves and half the garlic leaves were completely gone and the few that still had some were wilted and browning. So I dug a couple up and it formed like a 1 in round bulb - just a little bigger than when I transplanted it. The broccoli is almost done, so I will be pulling it out soon, but I am assuming that the garlic will not perk back up. So, can I eat those little bulbs? If so, can I just wash off and eat right away or do I still have to let it "cure" first?

I can't remember what type of garlic, but it was supposed to be for the north that you can plant in early spring and harvest in early fall. I think it said 130 days or something.

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Garlic, you can eat it at any time in its development. Yes, use it as you need it. You "cure " it for storage.

I have never tried to grow garlic from seed. I always plant the cloves, and they
develop into multi-cloved bulbs. I tried several varieties here and one was outstanding, so that is the one
I propagate.

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Yes, you can harvest and eat your garlic any time.

Immature garlic may not have developed in to cloves yet. When you pull it, you may just find one round. But it is still fine to use.

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You can also save/cure it to dry and plant in fall for next year's harvest. :()

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