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gardening soil

I set up a raised bed in my back yard I put miracle grow garden soil in it i was wondering if i should have to add anything eals along with it i live in Oklahoma iam in zone 7 iam wanting to grow some broccoli

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Re: gardening soil

I practice SFG so my beds are filled with equal parts well cured compost, peat and horticultural vermiculite. MG is supposed to be a "complete" growing medium. Considering the cost it better be complete. It would not hurt to add cured compost.

Your next issue s to plant vegetable varieties suitable for your region at the right time.

Good luck
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Re: gardening soil

I think if you read the label on the garden soil, it is intended to be mixed into your native soil and not used alone, but as a 50:50 mix with your soil. It would be the same as putting garden soil in a container. I still would add topsoil and coarse sand (builder's sand you can get from the hardware store where constructruction materials are sold) or vermiculite for drainage. How much will depend on if your soil was clay or sandy.

Mel's mix would contain equal parts of peat moss, vermiculite, and a multisourced blended compost.
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