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Broccoli and bolting

I have new and old broccoli plants, it is July here in Ohio and obviously to hot. I have two questions.

1. Once a plant bolts will all future broccoli be bad? What I mean is there any reason to leave the plant? If it bolts then it cools down will side shoots taste ok?

2. I have small plants that were planted later or did not get enough sun, I think they will mature in late August/Sept when there is a chance they will not bolt - can they get through hot July and still taste good and produce?


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We just started our fall broccoli which will grow through July, August and September heat to be harvested in October/November. So maturing during the hot weather is not going to impact the quality of the broccoli.

As far as having it bolt, many of our Spring planted broccoli has had some bolting going on because we are still picking side shoots and the broccoli still tastes fine.

Hope this is helpful :)

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