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Tomato Leaves dying around the edge


I am gardening in the midwest and my tomato plant has been having some problems with the leaves. It started from the bottom of the plant and has slowly worked its way up. The leaves are turning yellow/brown around the edges and some have died. It has been a wet year so far so, not sure if it is over watering or underwatering? Also some flowers at the top of the plant have died off. Any help would be great!
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Fungus has been a problem throughout the Midwest and East coast due to the excessive amount of rain. Remove and discard leaves that are yellow and dying as they are no longer contributing to the growth of your plants. Also, check with your county extension agent to see what fungicides has been working best in your area. What works great here in MD may not work as well in your area.

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Yeah, looks like maybe the beginnings of septoria leaf spot, a fungal disease. Some of my tomatoes are getting that too. Like lexus said, it has been such a wet, rainy, humid summer, really conducive to fungal diseases.

Good news about septoria, is that if you just keep removing all the diseased leaves, the plant usually hangs in there and keeps producing.

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