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Gone for a week and come back tot theis!

Thirty five tomatoes, a huge Tromboncino, okra, green beans, and squash:

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Looks yummy! I love the Tromboncino,.

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Nice haul! :)

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Do you have the Tromboncino on a trellis? Looks great! It looks like several whole meals right there, :D

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Awesome! I stress out a lot about leaving my garden for more than a day or two, so when I clicked on this thread, I was expecting a disaster story.

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Well I'm jealous all I got when I came home from my week vacation was a handful of cayenne, jalapeno and tabasco peppers. I don't even eat the hot stuff but at least my husband will have a cooking project all to himself.
Now I'm off to look up what a tromboncino is!

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onlylobster wrote:Now I'm off to look up what a tromboncino is!
Me too... OMG, I want that next year! LOL. I can not get too much summer squash. I slice zucchini and dehydrate it to eat as 'chips'. They don't last long. I wish I had one of those mythical neighbors who leave them on my doorstep.

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Wow! That is awesome!

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