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In Row Weeder Tool

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Hi, I am trying to locate one of these Dick Raymond In Row Weeder tools that he uses in his wide row gardening method. I saw some old posts back in 2009 about someone else trying to find where they could get one, but it didn't look like it was ever solved. So I am trying now to find one for my garden. If anyone has information, I would greatly appreciate it. I wil try to post a picture with this.

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Re: In Row Weeder Tool

I looked online for this tool, didn't see any. Probably out of production. The only way you'll be able to find one is if you just happen upon one locally at a yard sale, your local craigslist or whatever.

One person made one similar by bending pitchfork tines. Don't know if you can do that or not, maybe heat up the tines? Was thinking too, a person might take an old garden rake and maybe remove every other tine making bigger spaces?

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