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Hot peppers with spotted leaves

There is no pepper forum and I've got a few questions regarding my Hot Pepper plants if anyone cares to give some advise. Well actually one question. What would be making the leaves turn yellow and/or spotty? I have one Cheyenne ( I think thats how you spell it :lol: ) one Jalepano, one Hawaiian Pepper, and one Habanero cross breed. And they've all turned a little spotty some worse than others. Any help??

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Hi BigDaddyBonsai,

Sounds like a leaf spot disease. This site describes mostly tomatoes, but these plants are related and they are prone to the same diseases. Take a look here to see what matches what you see going on with your plants.


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is this happening to leaves all over the plat or just those near the ground? Are you spraying them with fertilizer or water at night? Photos would be helpful

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