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100,s of tin snails on my lettuce.

I seen the Starting a few holes in my lettuce then notice tiny little snails all over! I got out the Epsom salts and sprinkled the fine salts all over the lettuce. I let it set for a half hour then sprinkled it with water. Snails all gone! Snails are a big problem for lettuce especially 3 weeks after the last frost. Many people cannot grow lettuce and snails are the reason since thy love to eat the first two leaves! One large snail can have 100,s of babies.
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Re: 100,s of tin snails on my lettuce.

Here the problem with growing lettuce is slugs. Basically the same problem. I'll try epsom salts next time. A copper barrier is supposed to work. They don't like to crawl on copper.
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Re: 100,s of tin snails on my lettuce.

I have had no luck with copper wire. It is also expensive. For both slugs and snails I have had great success with a combination of crushed egg shells around the base of the plants and shallow pans with cheap beer or a yeast and water mixture. Slugs and snails are attracted to yeast. They crawl into the pan of beer and die happy.

Good luck.
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