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Re: Cilantro bolting in May?

This has been one of the great mysteries in life to me. Southeast Asian cooking uses cilantro extensively. Well, my recollection of Southeast Asia, and I have to admit that it's been 20 years since I was there, is that it's very hot and humid. Just how do they manage to have it available for cooking? Grow it up in the higher elevations? Anyone have any idea how they do it?

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Well, for starters there are different varieties of Cilantro, so perhaps the type(s) grown in tropical areas are more acclimated. In fact, there's a variety offered here from many seed companies called "Slo-Bolt" that supposedly doesn't bolt as quickly in hot weather, although I've yet to grow it myself.

And the fact that Asian cuisine uses Cilantro so very frequently, it may simply be a crop that's always succession-sown as a matter of course in tropical areas.

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