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help with pea tangle

A couple months ago, on a whim I got some seeds from the dollar store and planted carrots and snow peas. My timing was way off for the carrots....which never sprouted, the peas however (much to my surprise) sprouted and grew.

I know nothing about gardening, it never occurred to me that the peas may need to climb something. Now, I have a tangle of pea plants that I planted way to close together and didn't thin.

Some of the plants have peas on them, others still have a couple flowers, but the majority of them are turning yellow and unhappy looking.

At this late stage, is there anything I can do with them? I know the stalks break easily and I don't think I'd have much luck with untangling them from each other. I'm assuming their roots are probobally too entwined by now to make thinning an option....

Thanks in advance for your help

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Hmmm, well I have seeded peas as a cover crop in my raised beds and they have all grown into a tangle as well. Though, the plants are doing really well. Provided that the yellowed plants are not already dead; I would suggest just fertilizing them with an organic ferilizer and hope for the best.

Yes, it could be that the soil is not providing the peas with enough nutrients, my soil is extremely nutrient rich and I guess that is why they are doing so well even in such close quarters. Try some liquid organic fertilizer.

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That's about all I have as well. I just grow them up a sheet of chicken wire and they are hungry plants so the fertilizer is a good idea...


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