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What are these tiny guys?

What are these little pests? They are destroying my pepper plants. I also found them on my cucumbers.
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Re: What are these tiny guys?

even as enlarged as I could get it, there's not a lot of detail in your picture so I don't know. It might help if you could show a picture of what the damage they do looks like. That's often quite distinctive:

Flea beetles look a bit like that and they leave a whole bunch of tiny holes:

https://walterreeves.code18interactiv.ne ... 00x332.jpg

Blister beetles chew the leaf edges up and leave behind a whole bunch of nasty droppings:

https://gardendesk.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5 ... e5028a4-pi

stinkbugs are juice suckers and don't leave much holes just some little scars and puckered and yellowish areas:

and so on .... show us what the damage looks like!
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Re: What are these tiny guys?

Those are Flea Beetles. While they can do a lot of cosmetic damage (especially to eggplants), unless plants are very small, they normally won't affect production. I just rinse them off with plain water unless I have a serious infestation, in which case I use Safer brand insecticidal soap.
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