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Tonight is getting cold

Just planted my garden Saturday and tonight's low is forecasted to be 34-38 degrees. Do I need to worry?
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Re: Tonight is getting cold

tough call Jray8. If you can cover the garden just to be safe, I would cover with something. My place is always colder than predicted so I cover at the temps you are talking about. I don't want to get into specific plants that handle cool temps, so my overall response is to cover the young sprouts if you can just to be safe. It's that time of year we all worry about.

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Re: Tonight is getting cold

Don't know about your forecast but its going to be even colder here tonight than last nights 32 degrees. I would definitely be covering young plants in the garden for protection. I tend to err on the safe side regarding this because the pain felt if plants are lost isn't worth not covering them.

One night of cold isn't too bad for many plants but when the nights start adding up....

Good luck!

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