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Any experience using pea/bean inoculant on transplants?

Hello again all. I'm the weirdo that starts peas indoors in trays. Our climate is such that it's worth the extra hassle, and it prevents me from having to resow and fill in holes where plants didn't germinate because of our wacky climatic. Anyway, it works for me and I always get great peas.

I've never used inoculant, but I'm definitely interested in giving it a try. What I've read is that your supposed to add the inoculant to the seed before planting. That ship has sailed for me, so I was wondering if I could sprinkle some onto the roots or into the hole when I transplant them out? Thoughts? Thanks...

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Re: Any experience using pea/bean inoculant on transplants?

I'm going to be doing the same thing. In fact I think I'm late and should have started already but I lost track of timing due to the tomatoes and peppers taking up my attention.

Since inoculant is bacteria, I plan on putting them on the moistened pre-germinated pea seeds when sowing, but I can also see sprinkling on the surface of the potting mix, watering in and "mulching" with more mix to protect the photosensitive bacteria. Maybe also bottom water with inoculant stirred into de-chlorinated water. >> point is to get the inoculant in contact with the pea roots.
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