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Re: Bread

James, that's great looking bread. I too love to bake my own bread and do so every summer when my herbs are really thriving, during holidays or whenever the whim hits me.

I've also gotten into making my own baguettes, the small firm French Breads. I'll make 3-4 of them at a time and use some of it to make my own croutons used in soups and salads. My wife's co-workers love it when I send them with a nice Caesar Salad when they have pot luck lunches. Baguettes take much longer to make than regular bread with the long rise time for the dough and additional steps in making them. Start to finish is about 6 hours-----mostly waiting though.

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Re: Bread

I started making bread again about 2 years ago. I use to make a lot of bread 40 years ago. I have forgotten how to make good bread. I make multi grain bread and herb bread. I buy stone ground, wheat, rye, barley, corn, from the local mill, Readyville TN built in 1812. I also use Malted Barley it comes in about 30 flavors. I usually bake only in the winter, I bought a used kitchen stove last week to keep outside on the patio to bake in hot summer weather. When garden vegetables are ripe I will be making pizza crust for garden pizza. I make some of my own flour from Oats and Malted Barley in the kitchen blender. I have never tried rice flour but mash potatoes are good in bread.

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