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Brussel sprouts

Very few folks that I have spoken to grow this in our area. I tried 4 plants in a container
Perhaps a 14,inch. Early on I had to dust them as well as my broccoli cauliflower. And etc during
Warm spells between fronts. I have treated them like my other cold crops using the blue miracle grow powder.

The plants look great just will not get any height. So no sprouts forming, but the leaves look
Strong and healthy. Based on our last frost average we are getting close before we get our lows of 45-50 and highs of 65-75 . Of course last year was an exception frost wise.

Any advice to get height and do u think having them in pots hinders there growth
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Re: Brussel sprouts

I am further south than you are. I have to start my Brussels spouts around July. They are a long crop. One plant takes up quite a bit of space. I had to give them about 30 inches. They have large leaves and they grow up to three feet high. The stalk often grows curved. They do not like heat but with enough water and shading, the seedlings make it through. To get sprouts the temperatures have to be cool around 65 degrees. If it gets too hot the sprouts will open up. They like a lot of water and rich soil. They like calcium. They grow slowly and it can take 3-4 months before the sprouts start to bud up. Remove the lower leaves as they yellow. They can handle lite frosts with mulching (never gonna happen here, once in a while freak hail, but frost not likely) I try to plant my Brussels sprouts in partial shade, it will not live through the hot weather.
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