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Protecting garden

Been thinking about what to do about fencing. Have not had any deer issues. I think the coyotes did quite a number on our local population. Neighbor farmer shot 12 in one weekend on his land. Folks like their guns around here. What do you think about encirculing each plant seperately. At least until plants are taller. My neighbors on all sides are farmers. Alfalfa, soybeans, raddishes, corn. Id like to think the raccoons will have plenty else to feed upon. I could be wrong--very wrong. Told to keep place clean, no food remnants, garbage bagged up and closed up in garage. More things this newbie has to worry about. Maybe get a night vision scope and some buckshot :twisted:

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Coyotes keep the rodent population down. We need them especially if you are out in the country. They (rodents) will get into the beans and corn. I don't think the Coyotes are the only culprit in lowering the deer population.

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Deer fencing works well for keeping woodchucks, raccoons, etc. away from your plants. Since I grow in raised beds, I just encircle a bed with the fencing. You could do a plot that way too, as long as it's not too big. The deer fencing is cheap and easy.

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Garden pests will vary with the locale, however we all have them. Skunks and racoons are my biggest pests. They eat the corn and the skunks also like to eat my bees. I have had to resort to trapping the bee robbers. I have had pretty good success putting a radio in the corn patch tuned to the local rap station. It seems to scare the critters off. My garden is not fenced. Wild critters come and go at will. Has not really been a big problem.

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For deer I had success 2 year ago by wrapping fishing line around the garden like a fence. Smaller critters especially groundhogs I have yet to find a real way of keeping out but when I see one in the garden the rifle does a peaty good job.

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