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Would like everyone's opinion: water temp

When my wife and I bought our home the previous owner had installed a 60 ft. deep 4 inch cased well on the property, with the intention of running a sprinkler system. The sprinkler system was never finished, as I have to mow the lawn too frequently anyway ( :x ).... Our town recently installed a new water system and the bill is now sky-high and dry summer is about to hit, so we bought a jet pump and I installed it in the well to use for watering the garden and animals. We soon discovered that the water is ice cold!!!! No so bad for cooling off on a hot day, but what about watering the garden? I have not taken a temp of the water but it is much colder than that from city water. Will watering with the well water shock my garden plants' roots? I normally water at night since the daytime temps here are nearing the upper 90's, would watering at night help?

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Re: Would like everyone's opinion: water temp

Greetings, At our mountain ranch the well water is so cold,from snow melt, I set it out to warm up for drinking. It doesn't bother plants no mater what time of night or day we water. I don't think it will hurt your plants, water can only be so cold.


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Re: Would like everyone's opinion: water temp

I am with Richard, I don't think it will hurt your plants.
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Re: Would like everyone's opinion: water temp

Plants like cold water. It has been 40 years since I took biology in college I can not remember what this is called. Plants have tubes with 1 way valves in them called capillaries. When the wind blows the plant bends back and forth in the wind this causes pumping action in the capillaries that moves water up from the soil into the plants. Soil is always colder than the plant usually about 60 degrees while the air temperature can be anything from cold to hot. When it rains in the summer the cool water cools off the plant that improves the growth of the plant. The cool rain also helps to cool the roots. Cold water is actually good for the plants.

I water house plants with ice cubes. Often a little bit of water from a cup will run right out the bottom of the pot before it has time to soak into the soil but an ice cube melts slow so it all soaks into the soil.

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