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Can an Asparagus bed be moved

My asparagus bed is about 5 years old
Its doing well, but I'd like to move it to another location on my yard.
Is this possible to do without affecting next years crop?
If so, what is the best way to do it, and when is the best time of the year to do it ?

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Re: Can an Asparagus bed be moved

It can be moved, but it will take a lot of digging to pick up the clump, it can be pretty large. When we moved the asparagus we did not harvest spears the first 6 months because we needed the clump to establish itself. After that we harvested as usual.
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Re: Can an Asparagus bed be moved

note: imafan is in Hawaii, a year around gardening climate... :)

I would say ummm maybe. Depends a little on how your ground is. You need to be able to dig down to where the crown is and the roots and to be able to dig out quite a bit of root, without tearing everything up. It will be a lot of digging and if your ground is very compacted it will be difficult to do without injuring it. But if you could do that, it should work.

If you are in a cold winter location (it really helps to put your location in your profile!), I would wait until early fall, maybe Sept, when the ferns are turning yellow. Then cut the ferns off and move the crowns and roots. You want it to be early enough before fall frost that it can put down new roots in the new location.
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Re: Can an Asparagus bed be moved

i would expect to loose two years harvest after transplantation. Or I did with a patch I collected in the seventies.

Think of just like starting out with a new batch of nursery crowns. Because, you will cut out 80-90 % of the old crown when you move it.

If your new bed is all prepped and you can water it supplimentaly, it can be transplanted any month, except the hottest months (June, July, August,).
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