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Re: What went wrong with my landscape fabric?

Harry - you made my point for me. The grass dies because the pine straw blocks the light. :shock: That is why it is such and effective weed barrier. It is not the time of year for collecting pine straw but if your query you can probably purchase pine straw by the bale. No more expensive than cloth or wood mulch and well worth the investment. In the fall collect as much pine straw as you can and use it in your garden.

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Re: What went wrong with my landscape fabric?

Thanks again Elizabeth.

I did read something that pine straw should be brown and dry. I think I can actually rake some of that since our lawn service doesn't get it up very well and it has been there since last year.

I live out in the boondocks and don't know where I can buy pine straw, but I can call around.

Since pine straw does last a long time, once I get enough for the garden I think our three trees will provide more than enough for replenishment each year.

Thanks so much,

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