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How Much Nitrogen is Too Much Nitrogen?

Every year I pour more and more nitrogen into the garden. And to tell you the truth the garden does better every year. I put a lot of leaves and compost in every year. This year I put approx. 1 lbs. of nitrogen for every 100 square feet. That is what the bag say's to do. It was 46-0-0. I was wondering if I should put more in because of all the leaves and compost.

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Re: how mutch nitrogen is to much nitrogen.

I don't know how to judge according to that scale, but I would think it will depend on what you are growing?

During winter, I like to look through my state ag extention's publications. I came across ones intended for commercial agriculture (warnings in strong languages that the publications are not for home/residential gardening). They were interesting in that there were detailed pounds per rate for macro and some minerals and micro nutrients. And the amounts were specified for EACH CROP.

OT: They were for conventional --not for organic-- cultivation and the amount and frequency of fungal/herbicidal/pesticidal fumigation before planting, during growth, and prior to harvest were pretty scary to me. :|

BTW -- chemical nitrogen doesn't stay in the soil -- it out gasses and gets washed away.... Organic matter and microbes help to keep it locked in the soil for the plants to use.

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Re: how mutch nitrogen is to much nitrogen.

What you are putting is urea the white pellets. Be careful because its very potent but cheap! I would use a 10-10-10 mix. Too much nitrogen will give you nice plants but no fruit! I also like Epsom salts that are not too expensive.

Do you use any lime especially for lettuce! Urea and Epson salts do help control slugs or snails! If you go to a farm barn you will notice very dark grass growing near the barn but you never see the cows eating it because of too much nitrogen from the manure near the barn. The grass becomes very bitter and too much nitrogen will effect lettuce in the same way and make it bitter !

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Re: How Much Nitrogen is Too Much Nitrogen?

" I was wondering if I should put more in because of all the leaves and compost."

Hmmmm, that is a pretty good amount for that area. I would not use more. Sounds like your efforts are being rewarded with good growth. Have fun!

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Re: How Much Nitrogen is Too Much Nitrogen?

yeah, I think the leaves and compost are helping to balance out what would otherwise be too much nitrogen.

If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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Re: How Much Nitrogen is Too Much Nitrogen?

If you want the organic material in the soil to decompose you need nitrogen.

When planting season comes you do better with 20/10/10 if you still have leaves in the soil other wise use 15/15/15.

When the weather gets 85 degrees of hotter it is best not to use any nitrogen at all.

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