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Cold Frame for seed starting

Would a cold frame in zone 8 be appropriate to start seeds in outdoors? I was thinking of just putting my seed starting kit in the cold frame on my back patio where the sun hits it all day. But I am not sure if it would stay warm enough especially at night without something else. Someone had told me to put jugs of water in their and they will radiate off heat at night, but I am not sure if this would work. Anybody ever try this?

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Re: Cold Frame for seed starting

I would recommend that you start them indoors on a heat mat. Outside in a cold frame you would have to wait so long for it to be appropriate temperatures inside it at night to plant that in a couple weeks you will need actual plants to set outside. That is assuming you are referring to summer vegetables. If you are referring to cold weather crops (lettuce, radishes, peas, broccoli etc) then go for it.

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