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Heavy frost and freezing temps last night

That took care of our garden for this year. We planted the tomatoes in the heated greenhouse so we'll keep them going for a while. I was able to can and freeze lots of vegetables, enough to last until next years garden starts producing. I will miss the fresh zucchini though. So many healthy ways to fix it.

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Re: Heavy frost and freezing temps last night

A heavy frost sure brings down the curtain on a gardening year. Sorry, LA47.

We have dodged that cold so far by having record highs in early September. A dust storm and rains have finally put an end to all that. Certainly, there has been frost earlier than the 1st day of Fall but not this year!

The cooler nighttime temperatures have slowed the zucchini and a number of other things, however. What I notice is that cucumbers can just keep on, keeping on - for a little while. Green beans are about the most surprising of the cold-sensitive plants. Until it actually freezes, that 2nd planting of beans just keep filling out their pods!

I've already got 1 or 2 ideas for next year. It will take a little rest from the garden to get real creative. It is good that we both have greenhouses but, other than 3 in containers, I won't have any tomatoes in there even for a brief time. Don't plan on turning the heat on until March, anyway. My idea is to transplant some greens into an indoor bed and then protect them with a plastic tunnel. We will see if that extra layer of plastic will allow them a little more growing time to produce a Fall (Winter?) crop :) .


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Re: Heavy frost and freezing temps last night

Ouch! Always a trumatic event to see the destruction. Knock on wood, it hasn't happened here yet, though it is past due I guess. Most of my things are done anyway at this point. Still getting some tomatoes.

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Re: Heavy frost and freezing temps last night

I am so sorry about your plants! Frost is always a bummer. I never want to let go of summer :). Digits and I have the same weather. I wish I had a yard and a greenhouse. No frost yet but Monday will get to 41 so we are close. So far, stuff keeps going on but I don't have much canned so I am hoping to drag stuff on for a little while.

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