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Mother Nature is causing me Trouble.

It is hard to get seeds to grow in 110 degree weather the soil dries out so fast. I planted about 30 pots with seeds for my winter garden. I have been keeping them in the shade and watering them every couple of hours all day every day. Things were looking good and the plants were starting to come up.

It has not rained here in 10 months and last night at 7:35 pm we got hit with a big storm. 75 mph wind, rain, hail, for 20 minutes. It rained and blew so hard I could not see out of any of the house windows and it sounded like rocks were hitting the glass. When it was over water was 4" deep in the back yard, swimming pool was over flowing and 7" deep water in the streets.

I had several plants in pots on the patio and they were all gone. I tried to find them with a flashlight but no luck.

This morning I found 6 out of 30 pots smashed against the concrete block fence, the other 24 pots must be in someone else's yard. I had 10 empty 5 gallon buckets along the garden 7 are gone. One bucket was blown again the cement wall and broken. The only thing that survived the store was the garlic sets and onion seeds I plants in the soil. I spent 3 hours cleaning up the mess this morning. Tomorrow I will start again try to get my winter garden started in pots again.

It is probably good that it rained maybe I can plant a row of seeds and they will grow without babying them. The worse part is my sombrero is gone. I need my sun hat.
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Wow, so sorry to hear. :shock:
That must have been so discouraging. I'm glad you sound like you're picking your self right up and trying again.

I know we ve been lulled here as well. If a tropical storm or hurricane should pass through, nothing in my garden is secured for the onslaught. I'm just hoping for gentle soaking rain in the next couple of days to water the container plants and to keep the seedbed of peas, chard, and lettuce damp, and let me start few other fall crops.... I have a couple of overgrown container plants that need to be Uppotted -- they get blown over by nothing more than passing showers :roll:

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Probably you need to wait until the weather breaks to plant seeds. Your high temps are forecast between 99 and 107 all but two of the next 10 days. It's really not planting weather.

And probably if you had been watching the weather forecasts, they would have told you the storm was coming and saved you a lot of grief: ... n=USAZ0011

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