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New to vegetable growing... Any help diagnosing plants?

Alright, were new to growing vegetables and plants in general. So we decided to start with two pepper and two jalapeno plants in pots. I wasn't expecting a perfect grow the first time, but would love to learn from my mistakes and here from the professionals of what I did wrong with these plants.

First, we used pots approximately about 12". This should be large enough for young plants right?

Next, we used Black Kow soil, with a few cups of beautiful Black Kow Compost. (I think the problem could potentially be that I should have used some type of potting soil rather than the Black Kow soil? It seemed almost as if clay, where the Black Kow Manure seemed really black, fluffy, and fine composted. Does anyone thing my problem could be the regular soil that was put in? I also added a layer of some potting soil on the top layer, because I picked up a bag, which mostly seemed like mulch and decided not to use it. But I'm beginning to think it would have been better to use then what I did?

As for watering? What would you recommend? Keep in mind they are in pots. I'm scared to give them too much water, however I've been giving them a little bit each day with the mister on the sprayer and using about a cup a day in the soil. For reference, I'm in Texas. I keep the plants out in the sun all day, pull them in at night. Temperatures are usually in between 90-100, but have been declining as of lately. If I was using a cup, (for measuring terms so I can understand you) how much water would you give each of them in this kind of heat?

We have yet to use fertilizer considering we JUST got the plants a week ago, but I plan to give them some food within the next week.

Also, I forgot to mention the plant in the pictures that is suffering, had small white spider looking bugs that were tiny. I sprayed all the leaves on top and under with dish wash soap (natural) and then washed off an hour later. It killed the bugs, which I scraped off and haven't been back sense.

Any other ideas? ... f52a92.jpg ... f6df07.jpg

Bear with me, we are definitely just learning and getting started but anyone that can help me with all these aspects of my grow journey, it would be greatly appreciated!

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I am not familiar with Black Kow. What kind of fertilizer did you use?

Some people don't have problems, but I don't put more than 20% compost in pots or soil and I use potting soil that is peat not compost based. If you have a lot of compost in the mix, it keeps the soil heavy, if you are not very careful in watering, the plants will get stay too wet.

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