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Winter garden Brussels Sprouts Question?

I am planting my winter garden AZ co-op says to plant now. I have never grown Brussels Sprouts so I have no clue what to expect.

Do they need to be staked like tomatoes?

Can they be harvested over and over like tomatoes or is it ONE harvest and they are done?

Do I plant 1 plant per hole or several seeds per hill like squash?

Should I stager planting more plants every 30 days?

I just finished digging several 20" flower pot size holes and filled them all with compost, potting soil, manure, wood ash, mix. I am ready to plant seeds.

So far I have 2 tomato plants, 1 bell pepper, 50 onion seeds, 50 garlic cloves, Napa Chinese Cabbage, potatoes, spinach, rhubarb swiss chard, cabbage, Danver half long carrots, and maybe more.

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Brussels sprouts take a long time to grow but can be harvested over an extended period. In cool climates they can be planted in the Spring, in other places it works better as a fall crop. Plant 6-8 weeks before expected frost. Brussels sprouts can take 90-110 days to mature and need to mature in cooler weather. It is ok with a light frost.

I can only grow brussesl sprouts in the fall as they bolt and the little sprouts start opening up in hot weather. I plant seeds now. They can be planted in midsummer July-August for fall harvest.

I plant them in starts and transplant them to the garden. They grow tall up to three feet and mine always curve but they are not easy to stake. I have put them in cages to keep them more upright. One brussels sprout needs between 24-30 inches between plants, so I only have space for one or two.

It grows the same way as kale and other cabbages and have the same problems.

About 90 days from germination (mine took about a week to germinate), the small heads will form along the stem. You can harvest the sprouts from the stem as needed before the sprouts open up to make leaves. The brussels sprouts will just keep growing taller like kale as you harvest. Mine keeps going until the hot weather sets in or it rots from too much rain.

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