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Declaration Of War on Veggie Eating Garden Bugs

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I tried organic pest control, and that was a waste of time. I don't just want my zucchinis to grow, I want revenge.

I tilled up the very same place where all the dead plants and live bugs were, set out new zucchini plants, and put on enough Sevin to kill the bugs clear to the next county (slight exaggeration).

If they show up again, I'm getting out my 12 gauge and start blasting.
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Re: Declaration Of War on Veggie Eating Garden Bugs

Yikes yipe yipe ! Running with tail between my legs.


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Re: Declaration Of War on Veggie Eating Garden Bugs

It looks like the bugs are winning!

I use natural controls and they work for me but there are some rules.

1. No pesticides. They kill natural predators faster than they kill the other bugs

2. Make sure plants are as healthy as possible. Choose the most adaptable cultivars, make sure plants get enough food, water and the space that they need.

3. Plant companions, nectar and beneficial plants that attract the good bugs to the garden.

4. If possible plant slightly out of season to avoid the peak of the pests

5. Be diligent. Check the plants every day, if you see a pest, take care of it early. Handpicking, culling infested fruit, sanitation, pick off and pick up diseased plant parts. Use water to blast off the pests. Set out ant bait to control ants. If you have had problems with a particular pest. Rotate crops to something the pest does not like. Alcohol is general purpose insect and disease control. Netting can exclude some pests like birds and cabbage moths. Use selective controls.

6. If plants are too far gone, or really infested bag, seal and trash.

7, If you must spray, you will be committed to continue to spray regularly. You will have to alternate your chemicals to avoid problems with pesticide resistance. Otherwise all you will be doing is making a better bug.
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