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Re: Butternut squash--is this kind of diversity normal?

Looking good. Love to see the bee visit.

I have never grown squash in a container. I do know the roots go quite far and wide when grown in the ground. 8 to ten gallon pot would not hurt a thing. Even at that, you will likely need to water frequently.

Best of luck.
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Re: Butternut squash--is this kind of diversity normal?

Waltham is the best tasting and it is a vine. But there is a butterbush variety that is more compact, the vines only go out about 6 ft. The fruit is usually smaller than the waltham.
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Re: Butternut squash--is this kind of diversity normal?

Jal: yeah, I do have to water frequently. The pot does not hold much unless I want to drown the roots. I'm going to do raised beds next year.

That poor little bee! She kept coming back all day, but the flower had wilted in the afternoon heat and she kept buzzing around it like mad, going to the nasturtiums and back, but she'd gotten what she could off of those, too. I felt so sorry for her. I mean, maybe there were more bees, but I only ever saw one at a time.

Iamafan: that is an exciting thought. I'm going to look into it. :D

ETA: Applestar, I'm glad I never throw out old stockings! I keep thinking I'll find a use for them. ;p

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Re: Butternut squash--is this kind of diversity normal?

my kid hates every thing but he loves butternut squash. So we planted four plants. Let us know how they do because I have no Idea when to harvest them.
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Re: Butternut squash--is this kind of diversity normal?

My experience with butternut squash grown from seeds harvested from a grocery store butternut squash is, they grow great squash.

I planted 4 plants about 5 years ago they took over the whole garden with 30 ft long vines in all directions. I pulled up all the plants but one. That one plant made 21 butternut squash on a 30 ft long vine. The long vine was hard to deal with.

We ate the squash and they were good.

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Re: Butternut squash--is this kind of diversity normal?

jal_ut wrote:Looking good. Love to see the bee visit.
Here's a little pollinator, doing his job:


and here's a big black bumblebee pollinating my pumpkins a few years ago (click for YouTube):

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