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Question about sweet peas

I was wondering if it is too late in the season to start sweet peas? I wanted to start them inside and then transfer them to a container garden outside once they are large enough. I live in south/east Arizona.

Thank you in advance for your help :)

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Re: Question about sweet peas

According to the Arizona vegetable guide if you live at the 3500-4000 ft elevation, you can grow peas in late summer July thru August 25. If you live higher, it might be a problem because of the cold.

Your master gardeners put out a great guide. I wish there was something like this for my area.

https://ag.arizona.edu/pubs/garden/mg/ve ... guide.html

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Re: Question about sweet peas

I just planted my second crop of peas last week. They are 60 day peas so they should come in before my frosts start but even so they can handle light frost. For you in AZ I don't think you have to worry about frost anytime soon.

Regarding starting them indoors – I have never had issues with mine germinating so I would think starting indoors and transplanting would not be necessary.

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Re: Question about sweet peas

I agree with the previous poster. Direct sow your peas. Especially since they have a very shallow root system. Might not turn out well. Just Direct sow where you want them. I got about 100 plants started 2 weeks ago. Almost all have emerged and are now 3-10 inches averaging about 4.5

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