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Yellow Squash Keep Dieing

Ok so this is my first year and I'll admit I have no idea what I am doing, but I am learning.

Anyways the zucchini seems to be growing fine, the yellow squash though keep dieing. I have heard of flower-rot(it is rotting from the flower side out) as well as lack of pollination being the likely culprits.

Any advice on what I can do to improve it?

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Do you have only female flowers on the plant, or are there male flowers present as well? (male flowers don't have the little squash behind the flower)

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There is one, it appears to be closed. I can take a picture tomorrow when its light out.

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If pollination is an issue you can hand pollinate.

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what I see is a squash variant of "blossom end rot" - it's an issue with temp&moisture&soil at the time of pollination.

what to do:
you cannot "cure" the affected fruits. lop them off into the compost so the plant puts its energy into new and unaffected fruits.

it happens. you didn't do anything "wrong" -

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