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Sugar snap seeds from picked peas?

I picked the last of my sugar snaps, but they are pretty unappetizing--partly because they were left on the vine too long, so they are overripe. Is it possible to save seeds from peas that have already been picked before drying on the vine? Not sure what else to do with them, but I definitely don't want to eat them at this point, LOL!

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Re: Sugar snap seeds from picked peas?

Huh just noticed this question you posted.
What did you do with them?
You could have -- eaten the shelled peas, put the shelled peas in cooked food like soup, mashed potatoes, etc. or you could have let the pod dry out and used the dried shelled pea in cooking or tried planting it later on.

I can't tell when they are mature enough to grow but I save all or most of the late shriveled peas, dry them and use them for ground cover peas -- this way they'll either sprout, grow and help enrich the soil or won't sprout rot and ...well... Go back to the soil.

P.S. I like you new avatar -- who's the artist?

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